City of Riverside Parking Permit Portal
Renewals for 2024 are estimated to begin the end of April-May and will be available until your existing permits expire 6/30/2024. Emails and physical renewal letters will be sent to existing permit holders and eligible addresses as soon as the renewal process is available.

Please select "Request a Permit" below to get started and to view/request the type of permits currently available.

Permits can be purchased online throughout the year. There is only one account allowed per address.

Please contact the Citation Processing Center at (800) 479-1834 for further information.

If you are unable to complete your application online and prefer to mail an application and $42.00 check or money order, you may do so by utilizing this form and mailing it to the address found on the application. DO NOT MAIL CASH! Please be sure to include any registrations required as well as proof of residency for approval.

If you need to request a replacement permit for a lost/stolen permit, you may process it by logging into your account and clicking "Replace" next to the permit you need to replace. Please note there will be a $19.00 charge per replacement permit and your lost/stolen permit will be inactivated immediately. Note: If you need to request a Residential permit for a new vehicle as well as a replacement permit, to avoid multiple $3.50 convenience fees, please wait for your new permit to be approved before requesting your replacement.
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